Seamless Europe: Pioneering the Fusion of Fintech and E-commerce in Berlin

Seamless Europe: Pioneering the Fusion of Fintech and E-commerce in Berlin

Berlin is one of the hubs for innovation for startups in Germany. Recently, Berlin hosted the third installment of the Seamless global series – Seamless Europe. The event aims to be at the forefront of the fintech and e-commerce industry, embracing technological advancements. The event was held on 18 and 19 of October 2023 at the Messe Berlin. 

The event had over 2,800 attendees from 84 countries flying in. With 207 speakers and 191 exhibitors, the event managed to get attention from the industry. Per their post-event report, 26% of attendees came from the e-commerce/retail technology provider industry, and 6% were Founders/Co-founders.  

Seamless Europe- Stage

Picture Credit and Source: Rauf Qureshi

Ferhat Alimci, Director of Operations and Key Account Management at WebID Solutions GmbH shared his thoughts on the event, “Bringing together the fintech and eCommerce industries is crucial and will have a significant impact on our future. Seamless Europe can potentially become one of Europe’s most important industry events.”

Seamless Europe had some brilliant speakers, including Satyajee Roy- CEO of Habib Bank AG Zurich, Paola Cristina- VP- Chief Country Compliance Officer at Citi, Anna Kazmierczak – Early-stage Investor and corporate Innovation Consultant at Plug and Play Tech Center. There were prominent entities like Adyen, Uber, Raisin Bank, Deutsche Bank, Transcom, and more. The show spanned sectors including payments, fintech, e-commerce, and retail, offering a firsthand look at innovative solutions shaping the European market.

Hendrik Nehnes, Chief Technical Officer at Tilores, shared with Xtartup Bar, “It was great to meet many known people from the industry. The event was still small compared to the industry, and hopefully, it will scale up in the coming years. The insights from discussions were beneficial.”

There was a startup zone that allowed startups to share their companies and network with other industrial players. 

“As a startup based in Helsinki, Finland, Seamless Europe was a good opportunity to explore German and Central European markets. Great discussions with exciting people and some inspiring keynotes ensured our time at the event was well spent. The higher number of attendees and improved practicalities could help Seamless reach its full potential as an unmissable event within Europe’s fintech and e-commerce scenes”,  said Anssi Peltokangas, Founder of Zenny.

In a nutshell, the event was good, and we had brilliant talks with old friends and found new connections at Seamless Europe.

Seamless Europe - Stalls

Picture Credit and Source: Rauf Qureshi

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