Zoom users now have free trial access to new Zoom IQ features powered by Generative AI

Zoom users now have free trial access to new Zoom IQ features powered by Generative AI

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. has unveiled Zoom IQ, an intelligent companion that uses AI to encourage collaboration and unlock potential. It includes Zoom event summary and Zoom Group Conversation, which can help teams boost productivity, balance daily priorities, and communicate more efficiently.

Sumita Hashim, Chief Product Officer of Zoom, said that with these new features to Zoom IQ, the phenomenal generative AI assistant, our team would continue to be more productive in their daily tasks and create. It allows us to spend more time on meaningful assignments and expand collaboration.

Zoom’s leagued AI approach leverages proprietary AI models for large-scale languages, AI models from leading AI companies such as OpenAI and Anthropic, and customer-specific models. Hosts can receive computerized summaries and share them with attendees and non-attendees to improve teamwork and increase productivity.

The first set of Zoom IQ features now generally available as a free trial for Zoom customers on select plans.

Meetings Overview: Zoom meeting hosts can use Zoom’s key. You can now design summaries based on language models and send team chats and emails via Zoom without recording shared conversations.

A team chat consists of the following:
Zoom Team Chat users can take advantage of AI-assisted generative composition, powered by OpenAI technology, to compose messages based on the context of team chat threads.

Team Chat compose

Source: Zoom

Customers must sign up for a free trial and choose data-sharing options, and customer data is not used for training third-party models.

Zoom IQ features will enable users to design email content, summarize team chat threads, organize ideas, and design whiteboard content.

Email creation: Zoom IQ for Sales enables sales reps to respond quickly to customers based on the context of their last communication. Email creation will be available in the coming weeks.

Overview of the Zoom team chat thread: Have you ever stepped away from your computer and been flooded with Team Chat messages again? Team Chat Thread Summary will be available in the coming months to help users stay connected with just one click Become.

Meeting request: Meeting queries will allow users to submit requests through meeting chat and receive an AI-generated summary of what was missed, allowing them to quickly catch up without interrupting the meeting flow.

Whiteboard draft: The whiteboard drafting feature allows teams to quickly start brainstorming sessions without slowing down idea generation, making it feasible in the expected months.

Whiteboard composition: The whiteboard compositing feature will help teams quickly organize and implement ideas from brainstorming sessions, making it easier to get to work.

Email meeting summary

Source: Zoom

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