Jetpack introduces an AI Assistant in

Jetpack introduces an AI Assistant in

Generative AI has been becoming more supportive in day-to-day tasks. Jetpack introduces an AI assistant in This will allow you to generate different types of content, including headlines, entire posts, and even translations. The Jetpack AI assistant is integrated as a block within editor seamlessly. The AI assistant is also available to self-hosted WordPress sites through the Jetpack plugin.

Ways you can utilize the AI assistant by Jetpack

  1. Custom content creation is as simple as entering a prompt and “chat” with the AI assistant in natural language. It will quickly create fantastic blog posts, detailed pages, structured lists, and tables.
  2. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammar in the content.
  3. Control the tone of the content to suit your audience if you are looking for formal or conversational content.
  4. Create titles that are perfect to get the attention of the audience. Jetpack AI Assistant analyses the text and can help generate and create suitable and unique headlines.
  5. Translate content into multiple languages with a single click allowing you to reach effortlessly to different audiences.

This is just the start of generative AI integration into and how AI can support bloggers and writers. For the time being, it is free for all customers. Integrating the block using the inserter or the “/” command shortcut is straightforward as using the block “AI.”

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