PostgresML now generally available for enterprise and scale-ups

PostgresML now generally available for enterprise and scale-ups

PostgresML has recently announced the general availability of its end-to-end machine learning operations platform. Amplify Partners led the seed round with participation from Angels, including the co-founders of Instacart and founding investors from Vercel and Box Group. The company is improving its platform to handle advanced enterprise tasks with ongoing funding and widespread availability since its launch.

Former Instacart engineers established the company in 2022. Since its start, it has gained much attention from developers, getting thousands of stars on GitHub. PostgresML helps developers create and launch AI apps on PostgreSQL. It brings advanced machine learning and big language models into the widely used database, simplifying things for app creators. This leads to better performance, cost savings, and improved quality.

Creating AI-powered apps involves using different microservices for tasks like data preparation, making predictions, and refining models. This typical way of doing things in MLops needs a lot of work. Companies often hire skilled ML engineers to set up and manage special systems, plus teams of data engineers to keep data flowing smoothly. It also means data has to travel between services, which can slow things down and pose security risks.

“The recent explosion in AI power has only driven the costs and complexity for application developers higher,” said Montana Low, CEO and Co-Founder of PostgresML. “By streamlining the infrastructure requirements, we enable developers, founders and in-house teams to concentrate on creating intelligent and engaging applications.”

PostgreSQL’s scalability, cost-effectiveness, and durability as a nearly 40-year-old relational database management system have earned the trust of major enterprises like Apple and Cisco. This trust extends beyond options like AWS, RDS, or Aurora. The State of PostgreSQL 2022 report highlights increased usage, especially among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In fact, 55% of respondents across various company sizes stated that they had expanded their usage of PostgreSQL compared to a year ago.

Sarah Catanzaro, General Partner at Amplify Partners, said in a statement:

“PostgresML is at the forefront of a trend wherein widely adopted developer tools and databases (such as Postgres) are being adapted and extended to an AI-first world.

Postgres is one of the most beloved developer tools on the planet. As such, it’s frequently the first database folks get started with to run their production applications. Bringing ML closer to where companies already store their data (i.e., Postgres) makes it easier to get started”

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