Snowflake launches government and education data cloud to support data-informed government

Snowflake launches government and education data cloud to support data-informed government

Snowflake, the data cloud company, announced the launch of the government & education data cloud, which combines the data platform from Snowflake, partner-delivered solutions, and industry-specific datasets. This will empower the public sector, educational institutions, and the local level with a single, cross-cloud, and integrated data platform to enable public sector organizations to spend more time on what is essential for students and citizens, enabling secure data sharing and collaboration.

The data currently is very siloed, which makes it challenging to make decisions. The platform has achieved various compliance and security certifications, making it a trusted data platform for government organizations. Snowflake platform offers features such as cross-agency data sharing, comprehensive stakeholder views, fraud detection, and a network of the public network of sector partners.

Source: Snowflake

“The Snowflake Government & Education Data Cloud will help government agencies and educational institutions accelerate their modernization efforts by making data more readily available on a cross-cloud data platform that meets the highest levels of data security and governance,” said Jeff Frazier, Global Head of Public Sector at Snowflake. “With Snowflake, organizations have the data they need to drive meaningful change in their communities, including coordinating hurricane relief efforts, intervening when a student is at risk for falling behind and improving community or patient health across public health systems.”

Snowflake provides industry-specific solutions through partnerships with PowerSchool, Merit, Carto, and Vantage Point Consulting. Many schools, universities, and public sector organizations have adopted the Snowflake platform to enhance data accessibility and drive meaningful change in their communities.

This will help data management challenges and leverage data to improve citizen and student outcomes. Some prominent customers include the State of Montana, New York University, and the City of Tacoma. The use cases vary from democratizing data access, to student success analytics and utilizing data to increase transparency and improve citizen programs.

“Unlocking the full value of data across Montana’s various agencies has been key in enabling us to improve the citizen experience,” said Adam Carpenter, Chief Data Officer, State of Montana. “Snowflake has been one of the key pieces in enabling us to centralize our data in the cloud, establish proper governance around sensitive data, and tackle key projects, such as economic development, to benefit all Montanans.”

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