Elon Musk Company X: The Renaming Saga of TweetDeck to XPro Unfolds

Elon Musk Company X: The Renaming Saga of TweetDeck to XPro Unfolds

Elon Musk’s company, X, initiates a rebranding exercise and announces the renaming of TweetDeck to XPro. The company uses the @Pro handle instead of @TweetDeck for the tool. The “Pro” handle implies that it will be exclusive to verified users.

Despite the transition days after changing it from Twitter to X,  some elements within the platform still mention Twitter and TweetDeck.
This renaming has not come as a surprise because Elon Musk dropped a hint about the change just a week ago on Twitter. The tweet did spark curiosity and grab a lot of attention from the users, as no further details were mentioned, and the announcement was quite vague.

Well,  Elon Musk didn’t just stop there. To fuel further engagement, he also mentioned the introduction of “psy op plugins.”

Musk said: “Name is changing to XPro. Will come with a wide range of ” psy op plugins. ”

This shows that Elon Musk’s dream of monetization is becoming a reality. He is making some updates to the functionality of TweetDesk,  which indirectly means the users will require certain subscriptions for it.

Rebranding: has it been smooth sailing?

While company X is occupied with the rebranding exercise, some prominent incidents are raising eyebrows and concerns as the company took over Handle @X without compensating or notifying the previous owner. And more than that, Apple changed its entire policy for the company,  permitting them to use a single character as the app name. Moreover, the company received complaints over the weekend from the Sans Francisco Department of Building Inspection to remove the flashing X sign from the company building.  Quite strange, right?

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