Brave Finally Launches the “Image and Video Search” Feature

Brave Finally Launches the “Image and Video Search” Feature

Privacy-focused browser, Brave, has launched its “Image and Video Search” feature. Users will not be redirected to Google or Bing for image or video results, as the results will now be served directly from Brave Search’s index. Hence, Brave Search will be 100% private and anonymous to its 57.76 million monthly active users.

Brave Finally Launches the "Image and Video Search" Feature

Source: Brave

Brave Chief of Search Josep Pujol emphasized the browser’s commitment to becoming fully independent. “It was always our intent to be 100% independent from Big Tech, but we built this in stages,” Brave Chief of Search Josep Pujol stated. “When we launched Brave Search in June 2021, about 13% of the queries required the help of third parties. In less than a year after that, we reduced that to only 7%.”

The “Image and Video Search” feature is also positioned to ensure a better check on tech censorship. Brave decided to develop the feature a couple of years ago when Microsoft Bing withheld image results for searches related to Tiananmen Square,  in various countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Brave’s unwavering commitment to improvement is a testament to its dedication to its users. For those who have patiently endured earlier redirections to Google and Bing, this marks a significant acknowledgment. While the “Image and Video Search” feature is still under development, exciting enhancements are on the horizon. Imagine utilizing advanced filters like license type and aspect ratio to refine your searches further! Brave encourages users to stay engaged and provide consistent feedback to ensure an extraordinary browsing experience.

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