Zoho Cliq Ushers in a New Era of Communication with Cliq 5.0

Zoho Cliq Ushers in a New Era of Communication with Cliq 5.0

Zoho Cliq, a leader in team communication and collaboration, has launched Cliq 5.0, an enterprise-ready and AI-driven communication platform. Cliq 5.0 revolutionizes remote and hybrid team communication, offering advanced tools for streamlined collaboration. This game-changing update is precisely designed for corporations, providing innovative AI features to enhance work efficiency, a wide range of new capabilities for more innovative meetings, and a revamped developer platform.

Key Features of Zoho Cliq 5.0

Cliq streamlines work processes, offering enhanced administration controls and AI-driven intelligence. Following are some of the core features:

  • Enhanced Administration: Cliq gives administrators comprehensive control over their organization’s data, including eDiscovery and Data Retention Policies, Audit Trails, Usage Reports, and Status Configuration.
  • Centralized Channel Management: Admins can manage all channels inside the business from a single centralized area, allowing for detailed operations like participant management and role changes.
    Cliq Rooms for Hybrid Teams: This enables in-office employees to hold face-to-face meetings and remote workers to interact seamlessly online.
  • Live Events Feature: Host virtual live events within the organization with complete event management control, including presenter control and intermissions.
  • AI-powered Communication: It provides meeting summaries, tone analysis, auto-correction, and unread message summaries.
  • Collaboration Enhancements: Set auto-replies for when you’re unavailable and pin numerous crucial messages in a chat.
  • Platform Enhancements: New advanced extension and tool capabilities include photos and cards in widgets, unique bot menu actions, and more.

Cliq’s consistent commitment to empowering businesses and streamlining processes is visible in every aspect of its product offerings.

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