Stage 2 Capital Announces 15 New B2B Startup Companies

Stage 2 Capital Announces 15 New B2B Startup Companies

Stage 2 Capital has announced a stellar group of 15 companies joining the 2023 Catalyst Cohort. The group comprises B2B software companies across various verticals, from DevOps to GenAI and beyond.

This venture features assistance from the executives of thriving B2B companies, including Snowflake, Udemy, WalkMe, Stripe, Twilio, and many more. These executives from diverse backgrounds work in solidarity with the Stage 2 Capital investors and partners. Moreover, they collectively build a curriculum that helps companies scale revenue and growth.

Jay Po, a former investor at Bessemer Venture Partners, and Mark Roberge, founding CRO at HubSpot, co-founded the go-to-market venture capital firm in 2018. Based in New York, Stage 2 Capital supports B2B software companies between the late seed stage and Series A. Additionally, they help them build sustainable revenue, foster innovation and grow beneficially by providing the right resources.

11-Week Long Catalyst Curriculum:

As part of the Catalyst, companies are trained to execute the full spectrum of go-to-market in this 11-week curriculum. Stage 2 Capital Partner Sean Po directs the program. Furthermore, a practical, operative, and hands-on environment is curated to lead start-ups to success.

In this step-by-step guide by the top executive’s team, companies learn how to create a customer success playbook, hire the first marketer, create compensation plans for the sales team, and much more. Moreover, LP mentors directly coach the companies part of the Catalyst program about the implementation.

The benefits don’t end there. The venture provides access to the venture’s exclusive templates, Stage 2 extensive network, and worksheets. These advantages aim to streamline major aspects, including market analysis and financial modeling of businesses. This additional support significantly enhances their entrepreneurial journey and enables them to successfully lead the world of competitive business.

All in all, Stage 2 Capital has a specific purpose, to mentor and sponsor new B2B companies that have the potential to survive real-world hardships. From the extremely competitive application round, only 15 B2B have gotten the chance to be a part of the Stage 2 Capital Catalyst Cohort.

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