Netflix Streamlines Mobile Ratings with Thumbs Up Feature

Netflix Streamlines Mobile Ratings with Thumbs Up Feature

Netflix has made rating shows and movies easier for mobile users. While watching, users can tap the screen and choose a double thumbs-up, single thumbs-up, or thumbs-down at the top center. This “Thumbs Up” feature allows liking or disliking without leaving the playback. Users can tap, click the button, and keep watching.

Netflix is continuing to improve its rating system. In 2017, it replaced stars with thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Users found this easier. Later, a double thumbs-up was added for “liking” and “loving” content. The rollout began with iOS and will soon come to Android. This change benefits users and helps Netflix refine suggestions. Gathering feedback while users watch helps Netflix understand preferences.

“You might be so in the zone with a series you really love that you forget to go to its details page to give it a Double Thumbs Up, a Netflix spokesperson said. It’s just one easy step that can help us suggest more films and series that are more tailored to your tastes.”

Netflix: The Witcher

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However, it’s worth noting that the current Netflix rating system is primarily designed to enhance personalized recommendations based on a user’s viewing history. While it facilitates a smoother and quicker rating process, it doesn’t offer a platform for users to share detailed opinions or reviews of shows and movies. External sources like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and the Movie Review Query Engine remain valuable for those seeking a broader range of opinions before deciding what to watch. These platforms provide reviews from professional critics and fellow viewers, offering a more comprehensive view of audience sentiments.

Digital Trends is a reliable resource for individuals looking for compelling recommendations within Netflix’s vast library. This platform offers curated lists and suggestions that cater to various preferences, helping users discover exciting content they might otherwise overlook.

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