TikTok Competitor Triller’s User Numbers Questioned by Apptopia

TikTok Competitor Triller’s User Numbers Questioned by Apptopia

Triller, a rival of TikTok, is to go public. However, new data from Apptopia raises doubts about the accuracy of its user statistics. Triller’s S-1 filing asserts an impressive 550 million lifetime sign-ups for its short-form video platform. However, Apptopia, a market intelligence firm, reveals contrasting data.

Apptopia’s figures indicate a mere 73.2 million downloads since its 2015 launch. This is a staggering 87% lower than Triller’s claims. Importantly, Apptopia’s data solely covers mobile app installations, leaving room for attributing the discrepancy to web-based sign-ups.

Triller mobile app performance estimates

Source: Apptopia

Apptopia’s Credibility and Estimates:

Apptopia, recognized for app analytics, confidently states that its estimates are, on average, 70% to 90% accurate. The firm boasts a diverse clientele, including Visa, Andreessen Horowitz, Coca-Cola, Target, and Zoom, signaling high industry trust. While Triller insists on the accuracy of its reported figures, this isn’t the first instance of such discrepancies coming to light.

Triller’s past user number claims have often sparked disputes. For instance, a December 2019 press release asserted 26.5 million monthly active users, a figure contradicted by sources suggesting only half that number. Similarly, when Triller claimed 50 million monthly active users, insiders contended that the actual count was closer to 25 million.

Legal Challenges and Financial Struggles:

Entities like Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Timbaland, and Swizz Beatz have individually pursued legal action against Triller, alleging millions in owed payments. These controversies have been likened to a “bad ‘Punk’d’ episode.”

Apptopia’s estimates also illuminate user behavior, unveiling an average of about 11 minutes spent monthly per device on Triller. However, Triller’s spokesperson downplays the significance of this metric in their business model.

Triller's estimated average time spent in-app per user, per month

Source: Apptopia

As Triller readies itself for a public debut, the precision of its self-reported user numbers faces scrutiny, given Apptopia’s compelling contrasting data.

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