Neurowyzr raised $2.1 Million to focus on brain health

Neurowyzr raised $2.1 Million to focus on brain health

Every 20 years, the prevalence of dementia is predicted to double. Yet many early detection technologies, like MRI scans, are inaccessible to patients. Neurowyzr hopes to assist more individuals in receiving brain healthcare through resources like its online Digital Brain Function Screen (DBFS). The firm, which has locations in India and Singapore, announced it had secured $2.1 million in early investment, and with involvement from angel investors, Jungle Ventures and Peak XV’s Surge program led the oversubscribed round.

Since Nav Vij and Pang Sze Yunn started Neurowyzr in 2019, it has now raised $3.3 million. It will take part in the biggest medtech accelerator program in the world, 2023 Medtech Innovator Asia Pacific.

DBFS Core Purpose And Services:

While MRI and CT scans are costly and sometimes out of reach for many patients, traditional brain examinations like pen-and-paper assessments are susceptible to tester bias. The Digital Brain Function Screen (DBFS), a digital neuroscience diagnostic tool from Neurowyzr, aims to close this gap. DBFS is now utilized by healthcare organizations in Singapore, such as Parkway Shenton, SATA Commhealth, Farrer Park Hospital, MHC Medical Centre (Amara), and O’Joy. It is intended to be quicker and less expensive than conventional cognitive testing. It has also completed a pilot program with a significant private hospital network in India, and it is registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, the Singapore Health Sciences Authority, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“Projected numbers tell a stark story for Asia: over the next two decades, more than 66 million individuals could face dementia, while mild cognitive impairment could affect over 400 million. Neurowyzr is a direct response to this challenge. By assessing brain and mental health promptly, we’re building a proactive defense against potential epidemic.”Jungle Ventures healthcare partner Seemant Jauhari.

DBFS evaluates a patient’s executive, working, and immediate memory skills through a series of gamified neuroscience challenges. One challenge, for instance, asks players to join dots with numbers on them that are dispersed over the screen. Another displays a list of numbers that users must learn and then put in the correct sequence. DBFS is hosted online and may be accessed by patients at home via a web browser.

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