Gitai Closes $15M to Advancing Lunar Technology Initiatives

Gitai Closes $15M to Advancing Lunar Technology Initiatives

Space robotics startup Gitai has secured an additional $15 million in funding, only three months after announcing a $30M Series B extension round. This funding is aimed at advancing the company’s lunar technology initiatives.

The round saw participation from prominent Japanese firms, including Green Co-Invest Investment Limited Partnership and Pacific Bays Capital’s Pacific Bays Fund 1 & 1A Investment Limited Partnerships. Gitai has also secured funding through a loan arrangement with Japanese bank MUFG Bank.

Space Robotics for Lunar and Space Colony Construction

Gitai’s mission is to provide cost-effective robotic solutions tailored for space operations. These will do excavation, inspections, assembly, and welding to build and maintain space colonies.

Gitai tests its technology in simulated lunar environments like the Mojave Desert and a moon regolith chamber in California. They’ve also demonstrated their tech on the International Space Station in the NanoRacks Bishop Airlock.

Gitai’s Future Plans

Gitai is gearing up to deploy a 1.5-meter-long autonomous robotic arm system known as “S2” outside the ISS airlock in the coming year, pending final safety approval from NASA. Furthermore, Gitai discusses dispatching its lunar rover and inchworm to the moon as early as 2026. These missions aim to demonstrate the construction of communication antennas and solar panels.

With the newly acquired funds, Gitai plans to expand its workforce based in California. Moreover, it aims to fortify its partnerships and collaborations with major players, including NASA, U.S.-based commercial space enterprises, and the Department of Defense.

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