Twitch’s Subscriber Points System: A New Era for Creators

Twitch’s Subscriber Points System: A New Era for Creators

Twitch has announced a modification to its Partner Plus program’s subscriber requirements. The platform initially offered streamers the opportunity to boost their earnings from the default 50/50 revenue split to 70%. However, the eligibility criteria for this program proved challenging for many creators.

Streamers needed 350 paid subscribers for three months to join the Partner Plus program. This steep requirement posed a significant hurdle for newer streamers looking to establish themselves on the platform.

The recent update from Twitch changes the Partner Plus program, but it’s not the adjustment most had anticipated. The company has revealed that higher subscription tiers will now contribute more toward meeting the 350 paid subscriber requirement.

On Twitch, paid subscribers receive various benefits, including ad-free streams, chat badges, subscriber-exclusive chat access, and special subscriber streams. Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscriptions provide extra perks like unique badge flair and additional chat emotes.

Under the revised system, Tier 1 subscriptions will count as one point, Tier 2 subscriptions as two points, and Tier 3 subscriptions as a substantial six points. Consequently, the 350-subscriber requirement has evolved into a total of “Partner Plus points” that streamers must accumulate to qualify for the program.

While this change may prove advantageous for some streamers, many in the community continue to advocate for Twitch to include gifted subscriptions in the count towards the 350 paid subscriber requirement. Amazon Prime members get one free channel subscription monthly, but it doesn’t count toward the Partner Plus requirements.

Twitch boasts a vibrant culture of gifted subscriptions. Existing subscribers can generously support their favorite streamers by gifting free subscriptions to others, fostering community growth. The debate remains lively as “Subtember” approaches, with subscription discounts and gift sub opportunities.

Those channels that successfully surmount the 350 subscriber threshold will enjoy a more favorable revenue share for an entire year, even if their paid subscriber count subsequently falls below the requirement. Streamers meeting the criteria will have their initial $100,000 earnings split 70/30, returning to 50/50 afterward.

The launch of Twitch’s revamped Partner Plus program is scheduled for October 1, prompting anticipation within the streaming community. The industry will monitor the new revenue-sharing model and its accessibility for streamers closely.

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