Fairphone 5: Sustainable and Long-Lasting Flagship Smartphone

Fairphone 5: Sustainable and Long-Lasting Flagship Smartphone

Fairphone, the ethical electronics startup known for its commitment to sustainability and longevity, has officially revealed its latest flagship smartphone, the Fairphone 5. This Android 13-powered handset is set to be shipped to buyers across Europe starting next month. The release date for most markets is September 14, excluding the Nordics, where it will arrive a few weeks later. The retail price for the Fairphone 5 is set at €699.

The Fairphone 5 carries on the company’s mission of creating environmentally responsible and repairable devices. Here are some key highlights of this groundbreaking smartphone:

Long-Term Software Support:

Fairphone commits to providing eight years of software support and five OS upgrades for the Fairphone 5. This support may extend until 2033, depending on the number of active devices.

Modular Design:

Continuing its tradition, Fairphone ensures repairability and sustainability by featuring a modular design, allowing users to replace and upgrade components using a small screwdriver. Replacement parts are available via Fairphone’s e-shop.

Sustainable Materials:

Over 70% of the materials used in the Fairphone 5 are either recycled or ethically sourced, including cobalt, gold, and silver. The company has significantly improved its fair sourcing practices compared to previous models.

Fair Labor Practices:

Fairphone works closely with suppliers to ensure fair wages and better working conditions for the workers involved in manufacturing its devices. Additionally, they actively promote sustainability throughout their supply chain.

Renewable Energy Production:

The assembly manufacturer for the Fairphone 5 uses renewable energy to produce the device, thanks to renewable energy credits. Fairphone also has plans to move towards renewable energy production for its factory in the long term.

Source: Fairphone

E-Waste Reduction:

The company adheres to an e-waste reduction pledge, committing to taking back one phone for every device sold or an equivalent weight of e-waste.

CO2 Footprint Mitigation:

Fairphone is taking responsibility for the entire CO2 footprint associated with its devices. Furthermore, this includes avoiding emissions through sustainability measures and investing in CO2 reduction projects.

Key Specifications:

The Fairphone 5 features a 6.46-inch OLED display (a first for Fairphone), a Qualcomm Octa Core chipset, 256GB ROM, and 8GB RAM. It boasts triple 50MP cameras with improved tuning, particularly for low-light conditions. The IP rating for water and dust resistance has also been upgraded.

Global Availability:

The Fairphone 5 is available for pre-order on Fairphone’s website and through carrier partners in various European markets, including the U.K., France, and Germany. There is also an international/generic edition available for pre-order.

Despite the global demand for ethical and sustainable technology, Fairphone has not yet committed to expanding its sales operations into the U.S., maintaining its focus on Western Europe.

The Fairphone 5 advances its eco-friendly and durable device mission, providing a sustainable smartphone choice for consumers.

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