Google introduces GKE Enterprise for Kubernetes management

Google introduces GKE Enterprise for Kubernetes management

Google introduced GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) back in 2014. It was an open-source project for container management. Recently, they have launched GKE Enterprise, which is the advanced version. GKE Enterprise functions by combining Google’s container management expertise, including Anthos, to aid enterprises in efficiently managing complex workloads across multiple clusters, improving cloud-native operations.

GKE Enterprise provides advanced features for complex Kubernetes environments. These features include security, governance tools, service mesh management, and a centralized dashboard for workload oversight. The main feature is the management of “fleets of clusters”. This allows independent operation for development teams while fulfilling the company-wide cluster management policies. This allows policy application, standardized configurations for various environments, cost monitoring, vulnerability checks, and management across different Kubernetes projects via one tool.

Google is also launching cluster hierarchy customization, allowing administrators to create and manage clusters collectively. They can also create “teams” and assign permissions to them within these clusters. Moreover, Google is introducing the Cloud TPU v5e specifically designed for AI workloads capable of scaling to thousands of chips, making it best for complex AI model development. This chip will be accessible for preview in GKE.

GKE is an extremely expandable Kubernetes service that supports clusters with approximately 15,000 nodes and offers automatic upgrades, workload management, and monitoring.  This scalability perfectly coordinates with generative AI and GPU/TPU utilization. Google is also preferring to utilize generative AI for GKE users. They’ve trained an AI model on their documentation that can create Duet AI for GKE and Cloud Run. Users can now ask queries, and the system provides simple-language answers based on the documentation, making user support simple.

Duet AI for GKE and Cloud Run improves code writing by giving script examples from detailed documentation and code samples. It improves code productivity. But, it is quite noticeable that LLMs, like this one, have limitations, including the potential for generating incorrect information.

In September, GKE Enterprise will be available for preview. The Cloud TPU v5e is already available for preview while Duet AI for GKE and Cloud Run will be part of the expanded Duet AI in Google Cloud preview.

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