Gaming browser Opera GX integrates ChatGPT-powered AI feature

Gaming browser Opera GX integrates ChatGPT-powered AI feature

Aria, the AI-powered browser extension developed by OpenAI, debuted on the Opera browser in May. Now, Opera is expanding its reach by integrating Aria, a specialized web browser for the gaming community, into Opera GX.

Gaming browser Opera GX integrates ChatGPT-powered AI feature

Source: Opera

AI Gaming Companion

Aria is a versatile AI assistant designed exclusively for gamers. Gamers can use Aria to stay informed about gaming news, gain insights, and ask about specific game-related info. The extension stays connected to the internet, ensuring the provision of news in real time.

Aria integrates with Opera GX’s AI Prompts feature introduced earlier by the company. Now, users can generate AI prompts, summarize articles, craft social media posts, and accomplish many other tasks. Thereby, Aria provides a holistic browsing experience to its users.

Access and Beta Testing

Currently, the extension is in its beta phase and is exclusively accessible to Opera GX users who have enabled the “Early Bird” feature within their browser settings. To unlock Aria’s full potential, users must activate the “Aria Extension” and “Aria Command Line” options. Aria is available in 180+ countries and has attracted over a million beta users since its launch.

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