Instagram is Testing a New ‘Close Friends’ Feature

Instagram is Testing a New ‘Close Friends’ Feature

Instagram has finally responded to its user’s ongoing dissatisfaction with the platform’s algorithmic feed. To provide them with a more personal experience, Instagram is testing a new “Close Friends” feature. This feature will allow users to share their feed posts exclusively with a designated group. However, the platform has not disclosed the countries where it is being tested.

On Monday, Lia Haberman, an instructor specializing in digital media marketing, shared a screenshot of the recently introduced feature on X,

Finsta Accounts

Introducing this feature could diminish users’ need to maintain “finsta” or “spam” accounts. Users typically use these accounts to share personal content with a smaller, more trusted group of people.

Evolution of “Close Friends” Features

Instagram introduced the “Close Friends” concept in 2018, allowing users to share Stories with a selected group of contacts privately. Subsequently, the platform explored group chatting within the “Close Friends” circle through the Threads app in 2019. However, the company discontinued the Threads app in 2021.

Dedication to User Experience

Instagram has been actively diversifying its content-sharing capabilities beyond traditional photos and videos. Recent additions like Notes, music sharing, favorites, and location sharing for Notes demonstrate the platform’s commitment to enhancing user expression.

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