Metafuels Secures $8M to Propel Green Aviation Revolution

Metafuels Secures $8M to Propel Green Aviation Revolution

Swiss climate tech innovator Metafuels secured $8 million in a seed round. This investment aids their mission to revolutionize sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Energy Impact Partners and Contrarian Ventures led the seed round.

At the heart of Metafuels’ innovation is “aerobrew,” a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) derived from green methanol. Metafuels generate aerobrew through a cutting-edge process known as electro-sustainable aviation fuel (eSAF), providing a cleaner alternative for air travel. Remarkably, the company sets its sights on producing a 100% synthetic jet fuel substitute by 2030.

This recent $8 million investment is a game-changer for Metafuels, providing the essential financial backing to fuel their ambitious plans. The company identifies the rising costs of conventional fuels, imminent environmental taxation, and growing stakeholder pressure for sustainability as key factors that will offset the initial production costs of its Innovative Sustainable Aviation Fuel (ISAF).

Metafuels’ eSAF Technology: A Green Transition

Metafuels employs eSAF technology to transition away from fossil-based kerosene. Their process involves converting green methanol to eSAF, with methanol sourced sustainably from hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide. Green H2 is generated through water electrolysis powered by renewable electricity, and CO2 is captured from biogenic sources, including waste and residue.

The unique aspect of Metafuels’ aerobrew lies in its ability to fuel aircraft without modifications. Saurabh Kapoor, CEO and co-founder of Metafuels, emphasizes,

“Once we get past sustainably sourced carbon and hydrogen, we’re into groundbreaking technology to convert those components into jet fuel.”

The company envisions using existing pipelines, infrastructure, storage, transportation, and aircraft.

Future Prospects

Metafuels plans to develop a pilot facility at the Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland with the new funding. Kapoor states,

“We’re working on deploying a pilot facility, a technology validation facility where we deploy the whole technology.”

The facility is expected to start operations in 2024.

Metafuels is not just changing the aviation game; they’re shaping a greener future for our skies, one innovative step at a time. The $8 million investment is a testament to the industry’s confidence in Metafuels’ potential to lead the charge toward sustainable air travel.

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