SAP Acquires LeanIX for AI-Assisted IT Modernization

SAP Acquires LeanIX for AI-Assisted IT Modernization

Global enterprise software giant SAP is set to boost its digital transformation capabilities by acquiring German startup LeanIX. While the specific financial terms remain undisclosed, industry insiders suggest SAP’s investment in LeanIX exceeds $1 billion. Notably, they expect to finalize this deal in Q4 2023.

Christian Klein, SAP’s CEO, articulated the vision: “Systems and processes go hand in hand. Together with LeanIX, we want to offer a first-of-its-kind transformation suite to provide holistic support to our customers on their business transformation journeys.”

As a trusted SAP partner, LeanIX empowers enterprises by providing a unified view of their IT landscape. It utilizes advanced data-driven and automated methods to visualize an organization’s software architecture, including internal, external, and future software. Empowering teams with these insights facilitates informed software choices and assists in identifying redundant or obsolete applications.

LeanIX serves a remarkable client base of over 1,000 global companies, encompassing more than 10% of Fortune 500 firms and half of Germany’s DAX 40 index. Beyond visualization, the company offers a generative AI assistant to automate documentation tasks and provide recommendations for optimizing an organization’s IT landscape transformation.

Consequently, this integration will enable organizations to gain insights into process dependencies and assess the implications of potential transformations.

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