Nano Corp Secures $4.2M Led by G+D Ventures

Nano Corp Secures $4.2M Led by G+D Ventures

Nano Corp, a French cybersecurity firm, secured $4.2M in a recent funding round led by G+D Ventures. Existing investor Elaia Partners and others also participated, highlighting confidence in Nano Corp’s vision and groundbreaking technology. The funds will drive the company’s mission to redefine network security through innovative network detection and response solutions. Nano Corp’s software-based solutions promise a leap in network visibility and safety. The investment marks a significant milestone, reinforcing the company’s position as a leading player in the cybersecurity industry. The company is now well-positioned to advance and pioneer transformative approaches in digital security.

Nano Corp: Leading the Charge in NDR Cybersecurity Solutions

Nano Corp is a cybersecurity leader known for its software-driven Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions, providing extensive network visibility and quick identification of vulnerabilities. Their patented innovation aggregates all network data from edge to cloud in a single interface, sans hardware acceleration, even at 100Gbps throughput. This signifies Nano Corp’s dedication to high-performance, efficient, scalable solutions. Their pioneering approach transforms network security, making them a prominent player in the cybersecurity landscape.

With newfound funding, Nano Corp is poised to redefine network security, ushering in an era of enhanced digital protection and setting industry standards. French Francis, CEO of Nano Corp, said in a statement:

“This funding round signifies more than just capital; it’s a testament to Nano Corp’s vision, resilience, and the potential our technology holds in revolutionizing digital security on a global scale. As we set our sights on broader horizons beyond France, we remain deeply grateful to our investors for seeing the transformative potential of Nano Corp’s future.”

About Nano Corp:

Nano Corp is a leading French cybersecurity firm. It pioneers innovative solutions in network detection and response. Their software-driven approach offers unmatched network visibility, enabling swift identification of vulnerabilities. With patented technology consolidating network data seamlessly, Nano Corp is committed to setting new industry standards and reshaping digital security. Based in France, Nano Corp is at the forefront of revolutionizing network security.

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