Telecom giant KT invests $8M in Mathpresso

Telecom giant KT invests $8M in Mathpresso

South Korean telecom giant KT Corporation, invested $8 million in Mathpresso, a prominent ed-tech company known for its AI tutoring services. The company, with 80 million users in 50+ markets, has a strong global presence, especially in Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

The primary goal of this investment is to enhance Mathpresso’s AI tutoring services, particularly its flagship Qanda platform. Qanda, serving K-12 students, employs optical character recognition (OCR) tech to solve text and math problems from photos instantly.

By building a sophisticated LLM, Mathpresso aims to rectify inaccuracies in AI education, which is a prevalent issue in models like GPT-4. Moreover, the new investment from KT Corporation will expand Mathpresso’s educational offerings.

Mathpresso offers an educational suite with Qanda Study for live classes and Qanda Tutor for personalized one-on-one online learning solutions. Furthermore, Mathpresso introduced Poly, an LLM-powered chatbot providing precise math answers in the Qanda app for improved math learning.

The company aims to enter the U.S. private education market by the end of 2023, expanding its global reach. KT Corporation’s strategic investment injects vital capital and infrastructure, supporting Mathpresso’s mission to redefine AI-driven education.

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