Starz has reduced the cost of its annual subscription

Starz has reduced the cost of its annual subscription

Starz is cutting its yearly subscription fee from $74.99 to $69.99, the company revealed to the public. Existing Starz members will be notified of the price change in their next payment cycle. This news ruffled some leaves in the community, and people are excited to get on board with the new deal.

Why the Reduction?

During these testing times, when everyone else is increasing their subscription prices, Starz, a leading network known for its TV shows, including Outlanders and Minx, has decided to reduce the cost. 

Previously, Disney increased the prices of its monthly ad-free Disney Plus and Hulu plans. Meanwhile, in June, Paramount Plus raised the price of its monthly plan.

When asked by Alison Hoffman, President of Domestic Networks at Starz, she said they continually search for ways to achieve financial success while offering tremendous value to their consumers. 

Furthermore, she added that Annual plan users are among their most valuable clients. So, they wanted to develop ways to entice additional people to join the plan while rewarding existing clients.

The shift comes just a few weeks after Starz raised its monthly subscription fee from $8.99 to $9.99. Starz’s first price hike after the service’s inception in 2016. However, with the latest step, they hope to bring on more individuals while keeping the existing clients. It is, undoubtedly, a wise decision that has the potential to improve sales and market value.

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