Artifact’s Links Feature Transforms It Beyond a News App

Artifact’s Links Feature Transforms It Beyond a News App

Artifact, the brainchild of Instagram’s co-founders, is no longer a passive news tool. The app is an interactive discovery and content creation platform with its new’ Links’ feature.

Artifact’s co-founder, Kevin Systrom, shared the platform’s mission:

“Artifact is about feeding your curiosity, and that goes beyond the best publishers in the world. Sometimes the best content is on a small blog that deserves to be discovered on a platform like this.”

To use Links, users need only to share a URL, which then personalizes a visual feed within Artifact’s new Links tab. Here, users are treated to a “For You” feed that curates additional links aligned with their interests.

Artifact encourages users to become content creators by allowing them to add captions and photos and curate standout posts. This transformation opens doors for users to gain followers on the platform potentially. In essence, Artifact is entering the same league as X or Instagram.

Artifact's Links Feature Transforms It Beyond a News App

Source: Artifact

Moreover, Links offers creative tools for cropping and rearranging. For those seeking inspiration for captions, Artifact’s AI technology, originally used for summarizing news stories, comes to the rescue. The app also allows users to share quotes from articles by highlighting text and selecting “Share to Links” from the menu. However, this shift comes with potential challenges, such as the quality and reliability of user-generated content. Artifact tackles this with a two-step content moderation approach, combining AI and manual reviews to uphold quality content standards.

Artifact’s Links feature is available on iOS and Android, and posting will soon be coming to Android.

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