Ring’s Pet Tag Reunites Lost Pets with Owners

Ring’s Pet Tag Reunites Lost Pets with Owners

Amazon-owned company Ring‘s “Pet Tag” reunites lost pets with their owners. Priced at just $9.99, Pet Tag offers a practical approach to pet identification.

Pet Tag incorporates QR code technology, allowing pet owners to attach a small tag to their pet’s collar. Owners enable two-way communication with the finder by opting for the “Contact Me” feature within their Pet Profile. When the QR code is scanned, a notification is sent to the owner. This instantly alerts them that their pet has been found. It’s important to note that Pet Tag lacks GPS features, so individuals cannot utilize the accessory by itself to track the location of a lost pet.

Ring's Pet Tag Reunites Lost Pets with Owners

Source: Ring

Pet Tag’s standout feature is its commitment to privacy. Traditional pet collars often display the owner’s personal information, posing potential privacy risks. Ring’s product, however, shields this information, offering peace of mind to pet owners. Additionally, the device allows pet owners to provide comprehensive information that wouldn’t typically fit on a standard collar, such as intricate health conditions, enhancing their pet’s overall well-being.

The Pet Tag is now available for pre-order in the United States on Ring.com and Amazon.com, with shipments starting on October 4. By making this small investment, pet owners can ensure their furry friend’s safety and swift return home.

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