X plans to implement payment for its services

X plans to implement payment for its services

X owner Elon Musk recently announced that users must pay a “small monthly payment” to access and use the service. The announcement has sparked curiosity among tech workers and industry experts, as Musk did not provide specific details about the service’s nature or the exact monthly payment amount. However, given Musk’s innovation and disruption track record, many eagerly anticipate what X has in store.

Musk did not provide further details about his plan to charge for X or the timeline for its implementation. However, since Musk assumed control of the platform last year, the company has been actively promoting its paid subscription offering, X Premium (formerly known as Twitter Blue). This subscription service, priced at $8 per month or $84 per year, encompasses a range of features. This includes post-editing, reduced advertising exposure, enhanced search and conversation rankings, extended post lengths, and more.

While X does not disclose the exact number of paid subscribers, independent research indicates that X Premium has not managed to attract most X users. For instance, one analysis found that X Premium has only 827,615 subscribers.

The concept of universal payment for X is not a recent development for Musk. It was reported by Platformer last year that Musk was considering the possibility of placing the entire Twitter platform behind a paywall.

The mention of a “small monthly payment” has also raised questions about the affordability and accessibility of the service. While the term “small” is subjective, it implies that Musk intends to keep the cost of the service within reach of the average consumer. This aligns with his previous endeavors, such as Tesla’s goal of making electric vehicles more affordable and accessible to the mass market.

As with any announcement from Elon Musk, there is excitement and anticipation surrounding X’s upcoming service. Musk has a reputation for pushing boundaries and revolutionizing industries, and many are eager to see what X has in store.

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