Pixel Pals new adorable update optimizing iOS 17 features

Pixel Pals new adorable update optimizing iOS 17 features

Developer Christian Selig updated the Pixel Pals app to utilize iOS 17 features like Live Activities and Dynamic Island. Initially stemming from his Reddit client Apollo, the app reveals virtual pets on your iPhone’s Dynamic Island. Despite shutting down Apollo due to Reddit API policy changes, Selig has worked on Pixel Pals 2.0, launching virtual pets and interactive widgets for playing minigames on the Home Screen, like PixelQuest, 2048, and more.

Pixel Pals is a delightful era of playful virtual pets and interactive widgets that give pixelated charm to your iOS device. The app provides an entertaining experience that combines classic pixel aesthetics and is ideally in tune with the latest iOS 17 features.

Pixel Pals 2.0 now launches playful iOS 17 interactive widgets for entertainment, serving as delightful time-fillers when boredom strikes. These widgets don’t serve a practical purpose but boost the fun. Users can now interact with virtual pets in a nostalgic pixel art style in the app. In addition, users can rename them and engage in different activities.

The update changes virtual pets into a social experience, enabling users to add friends, engage in battles, and see pets on the Home Screen or Lock Screen via different Live Activities. Interaction with pets unveils new forms and other activities like camping, hiking, and farming. A Pixel Pals Premium subscription has additional pets and features for a fee.

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