Google will discontinue Gmail’s basic HTML view in 2024

Google will discontinue Gmail’s basic HTML view in 2024

Another Google product is on its way to the graves. Beginning in January 2024, Gmail’s basic HTML view allows users to view their emails in their most basic form. Google has announced that Gmail will automatically switch to the Standard view after the deadline.

Google will decommission the Gmail Basic HTML view for desktop and mobile web in early January 2024. Modern versions of Gmail replaced the older version over a decade ago, and it does not include full Gmail feature functionality.

The message displayed by Google now prompts users to confirm if they want to use the standard version instead of the HTML version intended for slower connections and legacy browsers.

The HTML version of Google’s email client lacks features like chat, spell checker, search filters, keyboard shortcuts, and rich formatting. However, using it in low-connectivity areas or reading emails without extra features can be helpful, although it remains unclear if it will be included.

Google is integrating AI-powered features into its products, including Gmail, with the launch of Duet AI to assist users in email writing and Bard chatbot with Google accounts for email history questions.

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