IBTA Unveils XDR Specs, Doubling Bandwidth in Latest Release

IBTA Unveils XDR Specs, Doubling Bandwidth in Latest Release

IBTA has released IBTA Specification Volume 1 Release 1.7 and Volume 2 Release 1.5. Volume 1 provides outstanding XDR specs that double the bandwidth over the previous generation. XDR addresses the demand for AI and HPC data centers to have fast speed and scalability. SerDes support of 200Gb/s per lane enables 800Gb/s speeds per port with XDR. XDR facilitates switch-to-switch connections at an impressive 1.6Tb/s. This advancement marks a significant leap in InfiniBand architecture, meeting evolving industry demands.

Volume 1 of InfiniBand specs defines the core requirements for switches, routers, and adapters, laying the foundation for the architecture. Volume 2 adds to this by delving into critical physical aspects. IBTA’s introduction of XDR InfiniBand specification signifies a substantial industry leap towards unprecedented speed and efficiency. This advancement is essential for enhancing AI and scientific computing performance. It promises a future of transformative potential for technology across diverse sectors.

IBTA releases Volume 1.7 and 2.5, featuring significant improvements like support for large radix switches and enhanced congestion control mechanisms. The specifications also finalize physical specifications for NDR 400Gb/s InfiniBand. Alan Benner, IBTA’s ElectroMechanical Working Group Chair and IBM senior technical staff member, stresses high bandwidth, low latency, and power-efficient interconnections for AI and HPC. He said in a statement:

“High bandwidth, low latency, and power-efficient interconnections are critical for AI and HPC applications that involve large-scale data processing and analysis, such as scientific simulations, deep learning, and training neural networks on vast datasets. XDR InfiniBand sets the stage for the next generation of AI and scientific computing with unprecedented 800Gb/s speeds, empowering AI applications and furthering the frontiers of knowledge and discovery.”

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