Nuvem: New Cable Links Portugal, Bermuda, US

Nuvem: New Cable Links Portugal, Bermuda, US

Google is expanding its internet infrastructure by launching a new subsea cable system called “Nuvem.” This action is part of Google’s strategy to improve its network and encourage more usage of its cloud-based services. Nuvem is one of many subsea cables Google has launched over the years. It will be operated by 2026 and connect the US (touchpoint in South Carolina), Bermuda, and Portugal. Google is the only funder of this cable.

Google’s new subsea cable “Nuvem,” named after “cloud” in Portuguese, is vital for their cloud computing and video streaming. It provides fast data transfers for satisfied customers. Google, along with Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon, has a big chunk of undersea bandwidth, showcasing their investment in internet infrastructure.

The Nuvem subsea cable holds promise for countries, providing enhanced trade, investment, and productivity. It enhances internet access, affordability, and knowledge acquisition, spurring societal modernization and creating job opportunities. Landing locations like Bermuda have actively sought investment in subsea cable infrastructure, planning to become international connectivity hubs. Nuvem is an important addition, being the first cable to link Bermuda with Europe, operating in a favorable regulatory environment due to Bermuda’s efforts in building cable corridors and easing permitting processes.

Nuvem: New Cable Links Portugal, Bermuda, US

Source: Google

João Galamba, Portugal’s Minister of Infrastructure, said, “Google’s investment incorporates our vision for Portugal in the telecom and data sectors: to establish our country as a thriving connectivity gateway for Europe, fostering robust connections with other continents. The Portuguese Government considers this investment very important and it was only possible thanks to the great articulation and dialogue between the ministry, the Portuguese entities, and Google.”

The Nuvem subsea cable, spearheaded by Google, reveals a pivotal advancement in internet infrastructure. This high-capacity, undersea communication link creates a significant connection between the United States, Bermuda, and Portugal. The name “Nuvem,” meaning “cloud” in Portuguese, shows the essence of modern digital connectivity, highlighting its role in facilitating rapid data transfer and access to cloud-based services.

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