Storybutton: Kids’ Audio Player Takes Off

Storybutton: Kids’ Audio Player Takes Off

Storybutton, an innovative audio player designed specifically for kids, has emerged as a promising alternative to screen-dependent devices for the younger generation. Storybutton, created by kid-friendly podcaster Jim Jacob, aims to transform young listeners’ podcast engagement by shifting their focus from screens to audio devices.

An Innovation for the Future

Priced at $99.99, Storybutton has a user-friendly interface and a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to a day. It also features a headphone jack, allowing children to enjoy their favorite content without disturbing others. With three stylish color options – green/black, purple, and white – Storybutton’s sleek design captures the hearts of both kids and parents. A Wi-Fi connection is essential for accessing its rich library of content.

Furthermore, the radio offers an impressive catalog of over 10,000 stories specially curated for children aged 5-12. This diverse range includes audiobooks, bedtime stories, educational content, animal tales, and more.

Source: StoryButton

A Screen-Free Solution

Storybutton addresses the concerns of parents who seek screenless alternatives for their children. An astonishing 85% of kids use their parents’ mobile devices to access podcasts. Unlike competitors like Yoto and Tonies, Storybutton’s content is free, eliminating the need for additional purchases such as cards or figurines.

A Growing Success Story

Having initiated shipments in August, Storybutton has rapidly gained popularity, with over 1,500 units sold across the United States and Canada. The company plans to expand to Australia and the United Kingdom in 2024. Although available only through its website, the company is actively exploring partnerships with retailers to broaden its accessibility.

A Thriving Podcast Ecosystem

Recently, the company collaborated with iHeartMedia to launch a kid-focused podcast network. This partnership promises to extend the reach of kid-friendly audio creators and provide them with essential resources for growth.

Looking ahead, Storybutton has plans to release an app called Storybutton Plus for parents. This app will allow parents to upload, remove, or record their stories directly onto the Storybutton audio player. Storybutton Plus is scheduled for a November launch.

Jim Jacob envisions a future where Storybutton becomes the global go-to platform for audio content, fostering imagination, education, and wellness for all.

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