Amazon Web Services to Launch AWS European Sovereign Cloud

Amazon Web Services to Launch AWS European Sovereign Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is introducing the AWS European Sovereign Cloud, a dedicated cloud infrastructure for Europe. This initiative offers an independent cloud solution designed to meet stringent regulatory data residency requirements. This announcement represents a significant development in the cloud computing industry, providing a distinct cloud infrastructure for the European market.

The AWS European Sovereign Cloud offers physical and logical separation for heightened security and availability. It provides customers with operational autonomy, meeting data residency and control needs. The first AWS Region in Germany enhances accessibility for European clients. Data sovereignty is a core focus, ensuring customer consent for data access and EU-resident AWS personnel for management.

AWS’s collaboration with European governments and regulators enables it to meet evolving cybersecurity, data privacy, and digital sovereignty requirements. This initiative supports operational independence while ensuring compliance with strict data residency and sovereignty standards.

The AWS European Sovereign Cloud is designed to provide data security and compliance for highly regulated industries. It utilizes AWS’s extensive experience in managing independent clouds for critical workloads, offering customers with strict data residency needs options like AWS Outposts and Dedicated Local Zones for added flexibility and resilience. Amazon’s commitment to Europe extends to job creation, economic investments, and fostering digital skills to support the region’s digital transformation.

Amazon’s sustainability efforts include a commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, and AWS is on track to become water-positive by 2030. This initiative underscores the importance of data security, compliance, and digital sovereignty in digital transformation. Max Peterson, vice president of Sovereign Cloud at AWS said in a statement:

The AWS European Sovereign Cloud reinforces our commitment to offering AWS customers the most advanced set of sovereignty controls, privacy safeguards, and security features available in the cloud. For more than a decade, we’ve worked with governments and regulatory bodies across Europe to understand and meet evolving needs in cybersecurity, data privacy and localization, and more recently, digital sovereignty. With this new offering, customers and Partners across Europe will have more choice to achieve the operational independence they require, without compromising on the broadest and deepest cloud services that millions of customers already know and use today.”

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