Spotify Launches Jam: A 32-Person Real-Time Playlist

Spotify Launches Jam: A 32-Person Real-Time Playlist

Spotify is launching “Jam” – a real-time collaborative playlist controlled by up to 32 people, creating the perfect backdrop for parties, gatherings, or shared moments. Jam will go live for all Spotify users on September 26, making music more social and interactive.

To kickstart the party, Spotify Premium subscribers can select “Start a Jam” from any song, album, or playlist.

Users on the same Wi-Fi network will be instantly prompted to join the Jam as they open their Spotify app. Others can be invited through Bluetooth connections, QR codes, or link sharing. These include both the premium subscribers and users of the free model. The latter can also add their favorite tracks to the playlist.

Interestingly, Jam personalizes song suggestions based on the collective music tastes of the group. Even if your friends have radically different musical preferences, Spotify’s recommendation magic can handle the diversity, creating a harmonious blend for everyone.

The host of the Jam can control who gets to join the session, modify the order of tracks, and even remove undesirable songs. However, Spotify has thoughtfully included “Guest controls” that empower everyone to have a say in the music selection. As the Jam feature evolves, Spotify promises additional enhancements, although it has kept the specifics under wraps. This could potentially include a voting system for selecting tracks to play next.

Additionally, rumors suggest that Spotify is developing a HiFi tier with lossless audio, potentially pricing it at $20 per month.

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