Derek Tan Bids Farewell to Viddsee After a Decade of Storytelling

Derek Tan Bids Farewell to Viddsee After a Decade of Storytelling

Derek Tan, co-founder of Viddsee, has announced his departure from his executive role at the company, marking a significant transition. Tan expressed mixed emotions about stepping down in a heartfelt LinkedIn post while eagerly anticipating the future.

Viddsee, a renowned platform for short films and digital storytelling, has been Tan’s focus for the past ten years. Before Viddsee, his early passion for visual storytelling led to roles at Starhub and Cooliris.

Viddsee, however, became the canvas on which Tan merged his passion for content and technology. His leadership ushered Viddsee through numerous milestones, including growing audiences’ affinity for local stories, nurturing the careers of countless creators, and taking story ideas to global platforms. Maintaining and expanding a media platform for a decade is no small feat in a rapidly evolving media landscape. Derek Tan’s role in empowering storytellers during this time is a testament to his dedication.

Tan underscored the importance of stories and their profound impact in his farewell message, stating, “Stories at the heart of it – matters most.” His commitment to empowering storytellers and forging communities around their narratives has driven Viddsee’s success.

Derek Tan’s departure from Viddsee signifies the end of an era. However, it ushers in new opportunities driven by his passion for storytelling and community-building. Viewing this transition as a chance to reflect, gain fresh perspectives, and explore future endeavors, Tan leaves a legacy of empowering storytellers and shaping the digital storytelling landscape. His impact will endure, leaving a lasting imprint on the industry.

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