Bluestone Equity $300M Fund for Entertainment Growth

Bluestone Equity $300M Fund for Entertainment Growth

Bluestone Equity Partners, a recently established private equity firm, has proudly announced the successful closure of its inaugural fund, Bluestone Capital I, L.P., with an impressive total of $300 million raised. This fund exclusively dedicates itself to investments within the global sports, media, and entertainment sectors, primarily focusing on well-established enterprises that are on the cusp of expansion. Under the leadership of Founder and Managing Partner Bobby Sharma, Bluestone intends to capitalize on its team’s extensive industry experience, expansive global network, and proven track record to deliver substantial value to its portfolio companies.

Bobby Sharma brings a wealth of expertise to the Bluestone team, having held prominent positions in the sports and entertainment realm, such as serving as the Global Head of Basketball and Strategic Initiatives at IMG, General Counsel of the NBA Development League (now G-League), and Vice Chairman & CEO of Soccerex. Sharma’s remarkable background has attracted substantial institutional investment for Bluestone. It also stands as a testament to investors’ strong faith in the firm’s strategic direction.

Bluestone Emerges as a powerhouse in Sports, Media and Entertainment

Bluestone’s investment philosophy involves forming strategic partnerships with exceptional management teams, boards, and investors to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Moreover, the firm aims to grow businesses and assets with proven models using its industry expertise and network.

The launch of Bluestone is fortified by a team of seasoned private equity professionals, including Walker Brumskine and Jackson Ross. Their wealth of experience makes Bluestone a formidable contender in the ever-evolving sports, media, and entertainment sectors.

Michael J. Dolan, former IMG Chairman & CEO, Bacardi Ltd. The CEO, as well as the Young & Rubicam CEO, has praised the establishment of Bluestone. They emphasize that Bobby Sharma and his team have a profound understanding of the ever-changing nature of the industry. Dolan believes that Bluestone has positioned itself to continue creating value within the sports, media, and entertainment sectors. This will solidify its status as a prominent asset class.

Bluestone Equity Partners is perfectly positioned to impact the industry substantially. Their dedication to growth, innovation, and global success in sports, media, and entertainment will make a lasting impact.

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