Orakl Oncology’s Gains €3M Funding Boost

Orakl Oncology’s Gains €3M Funding Boost

Orakl Oncology has raised €3 million in funding for its TechBio platform, which integrates biology and patient data to model tumors and boosts oncology drug development. The current oncology drug development process often delays access for patients, resulting in a 96% failure rate in clinical trials. Orakl Oncology resolves this by creating unique tumor avatars for individual cancer patients, mimicking real-life drug responses. This innovation aims to personalize cancer treatment and improve drug development efficiency.

Orakl Oncology’s rapidly growing array of tumor avatars, reflecting the intricate nature of cancer at a broad scale, provides crucial aid to pharmaceutical and biotech firms. These avatars play a central role in identifying novel therapeutic targets and predictive biomarkers, thereby improving the success rates of clinical trials. Dr. Fanny Jaulin, CEO & Co-Founder, envisions Orakl Oncology as a global leader in the tech bio arena. She said in a statement:

“Our ambition is to become a world-leading techbio platform leveraging the smartest collection of tumor avatars to transform oncology drug development and bring faster, smarter and more cost-effective treatments to patients. We are delighted with the result of this oversubscribed fundraising round, and we are very grateful to all our investors for their support.”

Funding for Revolutionizing Oncology Drug Development:

The recent €3 million funding infusion will boost the development of essential lab capabilities. Moreover, it will aid the recruitment of vital team members to execute contracts with pharmaceutical and biotech partners. The funding was led by Speedinvest, with substantial support from HCVC and Verve Ventures. The plan is to revolutionize oncology drug development. Orakl Oncology aims to lead the oncology drug development landscape.

Andrea Zitna, Partner at Speedinvest, said in a statement:

“Orakl’s co-founders have a powerful mix of scientific credentials, ambitious vision and entrepreneurial drive. We were impressed by the company’s dry and wet lab techniques, the quality of their biobank and the scope of their exclusive relationship with Gustave Roussy. We’re thrilled to be on this journey with them!”

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