Azumuta Raises EUR 2.8 Million with PMV and Angelwise Backing

Azumuta Raises EUR 2.8 Million with PMV and Angelwise Backing

Belgium’s Azumuta, a B2B SaaS platform, raised EUR 2.8 million in a recent funding round, supported by investors including PMV and Angelwise. Azumuta’s focus is streamlining work instructions, training, and audits within the manufacturing sector. Their software plans to alleviate supervision, quality control, and employee training challenges, improving overall shop floor efficiency. This funding injection will aid in advancing and expanding their services for a more significant impact. The goal is to provide valuable insights to management for improved performance and operational efficiency.

Azumuta’s platform integrates real-time analytics and reporting features to enhance performance and quality monitoring. It encompasses four pivotal modules:

  • Digital Work Instructions
  • Skills Matrix & Training
  • Audits and digital Checklists
  • Quality Management, ensuring a holistic operational approach.

Established Belgian manufacturing entities like Novy, Duvel Moortgat, Nitto, and Atlas Copco already leverage Azumuta’s platform. With its platform gaining international traction, Roald Borré from PMV expresses confidence in Azumuta’s potential for substantial global growth, underlining the vast market size within the manufacturing industry. Azumuta’s extensive solution and expanding global presence signify a promising trajectory within the industry.

Azumuta’s Strategic Funding Fuels Expansion into Europe’s Manufacturing Sector

Fueled by recent funding, Azumuta targets Europe’s vast manufacturing sector, home to over 29 million employees and two million companies. The strategic funding positions Azumuta to expand its platform for larger enterprises and broaden its customer base. Azumuta’s distinct advantage lies in its integrated platform, offering a comprehensive solution compared to competitors. The funding injection will propel the company’s international expansion and software development efforts. Azumuta seeks skilled software developers and experienced sales professionals to enhance its global presence and establish prominence in the manufacturing industry. Founder and CEO of Azumuta, Batist Leman, said in a statement:

“In many companies today, instructions and quality controls for operators are only available on paper. Not only are they unclear and not up to date, but the possibility of feedback and analyses are also lacking. Our software offers clear work instructions and in-line quality control, which automatically adapts to the operator’s skills and the configuration of the product order. Azumuta visually and interactively guides the operator through the entire production process. This allows even less experienced people to participate productively right away, increases productivity, and quickly detects any inefficiencies in production.”

Azumuta is growing globally, focusing on high standards in recruitment and innovative software delivery. The recent funding is a significant milestone, helping them achieve their vision of a more efficient manufacturing industry.

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