Salute’s OBMG Ltd Acquisition: Elevating Quality Services

Salute’s OBMG Ltd Acquisition: Elevating Quality Services

Salute Mission Critical, a global leader in data center services, has announced its acquisition of OBMG Ltd. OBMG Ltd, a European firm specializing in commissioning and QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) services for the mission-critical industry. This strategic step aims to strengthen Salute’s global capabilities and support its clients’ expansion goals worldwide.

OBMG Ltd, located in Athlone, Ireland, has a strong reputation in commissioning services, making it an ideal partner to enhance Salute’s services in Europe. This acquisition follows Salute’s previous acquisitions in November 2022 when they acquired AMS Helix, a UK-based digital infrastructure solutions provider, and in December 2022, when they acquired Iconicx, a leading commissioning and QA/QC provider in the United States.

Erich Sanchack, Salute’s CEO, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, emphasizing its significance in their mission to offer industry-leading support services on a global scale. The addition of OBMG Ltd’s expertise aligns seamlessly with Salute’s existing offerings, promising more comprehensive solutions for European clients.

This strategic development underscores Salute’s steadfast commitment to delivering top-tier services in the EMEA region. It aligns with its broader strategy to establish itself as a global leader in the mission-critical sector. By incorporating OBMG Ltd, Salute aims to raise industry standards for commissioning and QA/QC services.

With its expanding European presence and previous acquisitions, Salute is now a significant player in the data center services sector. The company can provide various services to clients across Europe and beyond. This move underscores their commitment to meeting evolving global client needs and staying at the forefront of the mission-critical industry.

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