360Learning Acquires eLamp for AI-Powered Skills Development

360Learning Acquires eLamp for AI-Powered Skills Development

To provide new learning opportunities to corporate workforces, 360Learning, a collaborative learning SaaS leader, has acquired eLamp, an AI-powered skills platform.

The World Economic Forum’s projection that 50% of employees will need new skills by 2025 highlights the significance of eLamp’s AI-driven skills management, primarily serving technical industries like construction, engineering, and nuclear companies.

360Learning plans to integrate eLamp’s technology into its platform, enabling customers to connect with systems like SAP and Workday. This empowers HR and L&D teams to align skills-based learning with their company’s strategic vision, ensuring readiness for future challenges.

Nick Hernandez, co-founder and CEO of 360Learning, shared,

“With our acquisition of eLamp, 360Learning is the first learning vendor to integrate the entire upskilling value chain onto a single platform.”

The process begins by leveraging AI to map the skills required within an organization. Once the gaps in skills are identified, customized learning content is developed to address these gaps. Businesses can then launch targeted upskilling or reskilling campaigns to provide employees with the necessary training. They can closely monitor employees’ progress and employ AI skills assessments to automatically evaluate the skills of employees. This dynamic approach optimizes the process of identifying and addressing skills gaps.

Source: 360Learning

The move has sparked enthusiasm among customers, including Valérie Guyot, VP of People EMEA at Arkance (Groupe Monnoyeur).

She expressed, “We look forward to harnessing the dynamic synergy between eLamp’s cutting-edge skills management and 360Learning’s collaborative learning solutions. This powerful partnership not only propels our employees’ career growth through seamless skills development but also supercharges our internal mobility, propelling us to amplify our market impact tenfold.”

This acquisition places 360Learning at the forefront of adopting a dynamic approach to AI-driver skills development.

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