Fortanix Introduces Advanced Data Sovereignty Solutions

Fortanix Introduces Advanced Data Sovereignty Solutions

Data security firm Fortanix unveiled its innovative solutions to assist private and governmental organizations in managing and adhering to data sovereignty regulations. Concerns regarding data sovereignty have grown globally as privacy and data protection regulations have become stricter, particularly among governments. With a unified platform powered by confidential computing and supported by the highest industry certifications security, the data teams can maintain more international and cross-border security, compliance, and control over their data.

To ensure compliance with sensitive data, Fortanix has simplified the process while strengthening security safeguards. The newly offered services include:

  • The ability to segregate encryption keys from data and store them within sovereign region
  • RBAC and Quorum controls were used to enforce least privileged data access to support Zero Trust architecture
  • Natively Integrated KMS and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM can control Multi-cloud systems’ critical generation and lifecycle management.
  • Crypto agility through quantum-proof cryptographic algorithms
  • Native database encryption, including Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, IBM BD2, and others
  • Fast searches for regulated data in terabyte-scale
  • Virtual appliances operating in a private or public or a fully managed SaaS spanning several global regions
  • Sport from the Saudi Arabian government, in collaboration with SITE and CNTXT, for Cloud services

Fortanix has also added client-side encryption of Gmail messages to its services. This enhancement ensures that knowledge workers transmit data, bolstering data privacy and security across the organization. Key management is now available from Fortanix for Google Workspace products that use client-side encryption, including Docs, Sheets, Calendar, and Gmail. By doing this, Google Workspace clients utilizing Fortanix can independently generate, store, and maintain encryption keys. Organizations worldwide are scrambling to comply with stringent, complex, and ever-changing data sovereignty laws.

The chief product and strategy officer at Fortanix, Faiyaz Shahpurwala, said in a statement:

“Data sovereignty goes beyond where data resides; it is a multi-layered approach encompassing data security, protection, and privacy. Fortanix’s existing and new capabilities exemplify our commitment to expanding and enhancing DSM to deliver the most advanced data security and privacy solution to organizations around the globe,”

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