Menlo Micro Reveals MM1205, The Optimal Ideal Switch Relay

Menlo Micro Reveals MM1205, The Optimal Ideal Switch Relay

Menlo Micro, an organization well known for its groundbreaking technological advancements, introduced its 6x SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) relay solution, the MM1205. The excellent isolation of a conventional low-signal mechanical relay is combined with a wholly integrated relay driver and charge pump.

Compared to top photo-coupler manufacturers, MOSFET, Reed, and low-signal EMR (Electromechanical Relay) technologies, Menlo Micro’s MM1205 relay offers higher performance and remarkable reliability. An improved DC, analog, and RF performance, as well as flexible configuration options, 6x SPST, 2x SP3T, 3x SP2T, and 1x SP6T are all features of the MM1205 6x.

Following are some of the apex qualities of MM1205:

  • High-performance DC contacts having a 1 amp rating for up to 38 volts per channel (2A package)
  • Reliably stable contact resistance over cycles and temperature
  • Broad frequency response between DC and 3 GHz
  • RF power handling of up to 200W (pulsed) and 25w (CW)
  • Expanded application versatility with higher frequency signal integrity and capacity
  • 6 SPST channels integrated into a tiny 128 mm3 and 64 mm2 footprint
  • DC power consumption is 10mW
  • Over 3 billion relay-switching cycles

Menlo Micro consistently offers the most cutting-edge electrical components for the market. The Co-founder and Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Menlo Micro, Chris Giovanniello, stated,

“Developers of medical, industrial, telecommunications, scientific, and test equipment applications are seeking innovative and elegant relay solutions that distribute DC, analog, and high frequency signals more efficiently, transparently, repeatable, eco-friendly, and reliably, while achieving lowest cost of ownership for large-scale high-density boards and energy-efficient designs,”

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