Jam & Tea Studios Raises $3.15M to Pioneer Multiplayer Roleplaying Games

Jam & Tea Studios Raises $3.15M to Pioneer Multiplayer Roleplaying Games

Jam & Tea Studios, a visionary game development company, has secured $3.15 million in seed funding. Led by renowned games sector expert London Venture Partners (LVP), this seed round also saw participation from Sisu Game Ventures and 1Up Ventures. The company, founded in August 2023 by J Aaron Farr, M Yichao, and T Carl Kwoh, aims to redefine multiplayer role-playing video games.

Jam & Tea Studios, founded by a trio of industry veterans, J Aaron Farr, M Yichao, and T Carl Kwoh, boasts an impressive collective résumé. The company draws experiences from illustrious names like Riot Games, Wizards of the Coast, Phoenix Labs, and Singularity 6. Jam & Tea Studios leverages cutting-edge AI innovations to craft new gaming experiences.

“We started Jam & Tea Studios to make collaborative and uncompromisingly multiplayer games,” stated Carl Kwoh, CEO and co-founder. “We believe in the power of games to serve as a space for folks to form positive and playful social connections. We also are excited about games as a means to deliver truly novel and immersive experiences.”

Revolutionizing Gaming with AI

AI takes center stage in Jam & Tea Studios’ vision. With the aid of AI, they aspire to offer players control and freedom right from the inception of multiplayer gameplay. The CTO and co-founder, Aaron Farr, envision AI unlocking uncharted territories and delivering unique gaming experiences that defy convention.

“We’re excited for what AI unlocks in terms of design space and new gameplay possibilities,” Farr noted. “While we’re confident there will be improvements to workflows, we are far more focused on using AI to unlock game experiences folks have never seen before.”

Jam & Tea Studios’ vision paves the way for a new era in multiplayer roleplaying games. The support from LVP and other investors further solidifies their vision. The company promises an exciting future for gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

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