Stardog Unveils Voicebox

Stardog Unveils Voicebox

Stardog, the innovative company known for its exceptional support to government agencies, has launched Voicebox. Large Language Models (LLMs) power Voicebox. This technology aims to simplify enterprise data access, eliminating the need for technical expertise.

How Voicebox Operates

At its core, Voicebox is a natural language processing (NLP) bot that enables users to effortlessly pose questions in plain language and receive responses grounded in enterprise data, eliminating the complexity of query writing. The AI layer interfaces with Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph, a hub that connects and enriches data sources within an organization. Stardog’s CEO, Kendall Clark, affirmed that Voicebox is poised to break down barriers to universal data access. Users no longer need technical skills to access valuable insights. With Voicebox, even the non-technical staff can harness the power of data analytics. Furthermore, the system ensures grounded responses in factual data, sparing users from misinformation.

Voicebox leverages LLMs and employs cutting-edge techniques for summarizing schemas and data integrity checks, ensuring the safety and relevance of user input. By opening up Stardog’s knowledge graph platform, Voicebox provides access to a broad audience, irrespective of their technical background.

Plans and Prospects

While remaining tight-lipped about specific enterprise users, Stardog has already granted early access to numerous existing and potential customers, especially in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors. Stardog is actively working on introducing support for SMS and WhatsApp, making Voicebox a seamless part of digital workflows. Voice prompt support is also under consideration for the future.

This revolutionary technology promises to open new horizons for enterprises seeking a competitive edge in the data-driven world.

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