Introw Secures €1 Million Investment

Introw Secures €1 Million Investment

Ghent-based tech startup Introw has successfully raised €1 million in funding to bolster its AI-powered sales solutions. The fresh capital injection, led by Pitchdrive and backed by angel investors, aims to enhance the company’s offerings and propel it to new heights.

Introw, founded in early 2023 by the dynamic trio of Andreas Geamanu (CEO), Laurens Lavaert (CTO), and Simon Van Den Hende (AI Engineer), has been on a mission to put an end to the era of cold emails and calls. The traditional cold approach to sales typically involves a staggering 27 touchpoints on average, leading to prolonged and often fruitless sales cycles. Introw is changing the game by promoting warm introductions and referrals through existing B2B partnerships. Their AI-driven approach has the potential to yield up to ten times more conversions.
Andreas Geamanu, co-founder and CEO, emphasized the shift Introw is enabling, stating,

“Who likes to get random cold emails and calls? With Introw, we help businesses reach customers through their existing network of partners. This way, you can start a ‘warm’ conversation with a prospect.”

Solving the Partner Contact Conundrum

The significant challenges in business lie in manually sharing contacts and making introductions with partners. The chaos, without clarity on who is handling what or the status of shared contacts, hinders effective collaboration. Introw offers a comprehensive solution by automating this process from start to finish.

Wim Derkinderen at Pitchdrive acknowledged the founders’ passion, saying,

“We saw a huge drive in the founders to solve a pain they had experienced personally. Combining technical (AI) expertise with B2B sales expertise will be a magical potion that can lead to a huge shift in the way companies work with partners today.”

Introw’s innovative solution, powered by AI, effectively transforms customer data from partnering companies into actionable sales leads. This, in turn, enables sales teams to uncover hidden opportunities through partners that align seamlessly with their ideal customer profile. Moreover, this approach facilitates the creation of new sales pipelines and accelerates the progress of existing ones.

Introw is committed to easing the burden on sales teams by seamlessly integrating its technology into their existing sales tools. Co-founder and CTO Laurens Lavaert emphasized their approach, stating,

“Sales teams are overwhelmed with dozens of sales tools. That’s why we’re integrating directly into their existing sales tools.”

With the backing of seasoned angel investors and Pitchdrive, Introw is poised to expand its reach and help businesses worldwide convert warm leads into successful deals. The company is continually onboarding new users, signifying a promising future for AI-driven sales solutions in the B2B sector.

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