Bowman Expands Portfolio With Acquisition of Dennis Corp.

Bowman Expands Portfolio With Acquisition of Dennis Corp.

Bowman, which operates across the United States and provides customers with national engineering services and infrastructure solutions, has acquired Dennis Corporation. Dennis is a South Carolina engineering, surveying, and construction management firm. Since its inception in 2005, the Dennis firm has now become one of the most extensive locally-owned organizations in South Carolina. It specializes in general civil infrastructure planning and design, program and construction management and oversight, traffic and transportation environmental and geotechnical services, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), aviation, water resources, and public sector facilities.

Dan Dennis, the CEO of Dennis Corporation, said,

“Becoming a Bowman company begins an exciting new chapter in our proud story, Our employees are looking forward to the suite of professional development platforms available at Bowman. We’re anxious to contribute to Bowman’s work-sharing mindset, and we’re excited about the opportunities we will have to expand our service offerings and increase our exposure to clients and markets.”

Bowman offers customers a wide range of planning engineering, GIS, construction management, commissioning, environmental consulting, land procurement, and other technical services in regulated end industries. All 40 Dennis technical and administrative specialists will now become Bowman employees in line with the acquisition. The CEO was ecstatic to welcome and incorporate Dan and his team into his platform.

Gary Bowman, chairman and CEO of Bowman, stated,

” Dennis Corporation embodies a culture of commitment to unparalleled client service, which aligns perfectly with our cultural values, making them a great fit for Bowman”

At the outset, the acquisition is estimated to yield an annual net run rate of approximately $4.5 Million. This acquisition will significantly strengthen Dennis’ market position. This collaboration effort will be broadening the joint income base.

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