Zygon Raises $3M, Launches SaaS Security Solution

Zygon Raises $3M, Launches SaaS Security Solution

Zygon, a renowned cybersecurity firm, has developed an automated SaaS solution for managing companies’ security measures. Zygon is introducing a range of security automation features, including:

  • App discovery
  • Inventory construction
  • Application admin takeover
  • Collaborator offboarding
  • Authentication method upgrading

The company closed a $3 million seed round headed by Axeleo Capital, with participation from Kima Ventures and several world-class cybersecurity venture capitalists. Axeleo Capital (AXC) is a rising independent early-stage VC across Europe, whereas Kima is the world’s most active business entrepreneur.

Zygon Raises $3M

Caption: Zygon

Zygon: Leading SaaS Security Solutions

The French-American experts in data protection and AI founded Zygon. The organization recently developed a SaaS Security Posture Management solution to tackle the scale of SaaS expansion. It is a SaaS-scale automated security management system. This system will significantly assist the organization’s security teams in regaining control of their SaaS stack by locating and automating a set of crucial security criteria for safe SaaS usage and, at the same time, finding, cataloging, and automating security policies for all apps their collaborators use across their enterprise. The Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Lejars, stated,

Over the last decade, teams across companies have rushed to adopt hundreds of SaaS applications, pushing the relationship between business teams and security teams to an almost breaking point, We are proud to pioneer a solution that is opening a $10B+ market by rekindling the collaboration between teams on cybersecurity issues.”

Now, Zygon will present its product to a bigger audience of enterprises trying to grow their security strategy at the rate of SaaS growth, thanks to the $3 million initial financing.

The multiplication of SaaS usage makes it virtually impossible for IT teams to meet the ever-higher demands for security. Alone, they will fail,” said Baptiste Manson, Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer for Zygon.

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