Baidu Unevils ERNIE 4.0: Advanced Language Model

Baidu Unevils ERNIE 4.0: Advanced Language Model

Baidu, the Chinese technology giant, recently introduced ERNIE 4.0 during its Baidu World 2023 conference. This impressive language foundation model is equipped with software applications. Leading the pack is Qingduo. Qingduo, a platform designed for creativity, aims to rival industry leaders such as Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud, which have integrated AI capabilities. In live demonstrations, Baidu CEO Robin Li stated that Qingduo demonstrated ERNIE Bot’s ability to understand complex and tangled human queries and reply to them.

Integration of ERNIE and AI Tech for Enhanced User Experience

The firm is adding ERNIE and other AI technologies to its application portfolio. Baidu Search, like Microsoft Bing Chat and Google Bard, aggregates information from web sources and delivers it in a user-friendly style with graphics such as text, photos, and dynamic graphs. Aside from that, it generates a variety of content in just a couple of minutes, including text, photographs, and videos. While composing a novel, it can handle complicated geometry issues and respond to new facts in real time.

The Baidu GBI focuses on business intelligence, develops analytics efficiently, and delivers meeting summaries. Baidu Wenku, formerly renowned for document sharing, now includes research, summarization, and content production features. Baidu Maps provides journey ideas with the assistance of an AI advisor. Furthermore, Baidu Drive has YunYiduo, a cloud storage assistant that allows users to access files using text or voice requests while summarizing their contents.

Dr. Haifeng Wang, Baidu’s Chief Technology Officer, said “ERNIE 4.0’s overall performance has increased by about 30% since beta testing in September.”

The company was ecstatic to unveil the cutting-edge foundation model, which has improved fundamental AI capabilities considerably.

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