Beluga Raises $4M to Simplify Crypto for Everyone

Beluga Raises $4M to Simplify Crypto for Everyone

Beluga has successfully raised $4 million in a seed investment round headed by Fin Capital, with participation from Anagram, UDHC, Dispersion Capital, Aptos Labs, 2 Punks Capital, Borderless Capital, Kyber Capital, and other investors. Fin Capital is a worldwide asset manager that invests in B2B FinTech companies throughout their life cycle.

“Despite crypto winter, crypto is still preferred over stocks and mutual funds by many of the younger generation and millennials,” Beluga’s co-founder, Singh, shared.

However, recent data from Pew Research reveals that 80% of women and 71% of men in the United States lack confidence in crypto. This can be attributed to the ever-evolving nature of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Beluga addresses this issue by making retail and institutional users feel secure through necessary guidance on various topics, including DeFi, NFTs, web3 games, staking, and financial products.

“Most of the products in crypto are built for the power user,” said Lily Liu, Co-Founder of Anagram. “Beluga is a product built for the everyday crypto user.”

Beluga offers a range of software tools, including:

  • Beluga Portfolio Tracker: This tool allows users to easily monitor their cryptocurrency balances, track their assets, and effectively manage their investment portfolios.
  • Beluga Crypto Calculator: Users can calculate their potential return on investment (ROI) and make informed decisions by comparing the market capitalizations of different tokens.
  • Beluga Calendar: This tool lists major crypto conferences and related events, helping users stay informed about significant industry developments and opportunities.

The platform has received support from notable angel investors and industry figures, including Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, and Mike Lempres, the former Chief Risk and Legal Officer of Coinbase. This support highlights the significance of Beluga’s efforts to establish trust and transparency in the digital asset industry.

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