Google’s Duet AI transforms into a meeting assistant, document summarizer, and chat companion

Google’s Duet AI transforms into a meeting assistant, document summarizer, and chat companion

Google announced that Duet AI, its AI-powered assistant, is now accessible to any organization using Google Workspace. The assistant will have new functions such as a meeting assistant, a chatbot for Google Chat, a document summarizer, and a way to personalize Gmail’s smart replies. Hundreds of businesses have put the AI assistant to the test through various trials and assessments.

Duet AI is available as a free trial, which can generate presentations from Google Drive and Gmail, allowing financial analysts to streamline the process of assembling Q3 performance summaries by eliminating the need to navigate various documents.

Duet AI: Elevating Google Meet to the Next Level

Google Meet is introducing Duet AI to enhance studio look, lighting, and sound. It offers automatic caption translation in 18 languages and real-time translation. Additionally, guests can create their video tile with their name in a meeting space using dynamic tiles and face identification.

Duet AI can act as a meeting assistant by taking real-time notes, action items, and video clips. It can also provide a summary to attendees after the meeting, allowing latecomers to catch up on missed information using the “summary so far” option. Duet AI offers the “attend for me” option, allowing the AI to attend meetings on your behalf, communicate your message, and create presentations in Google Slides. It also supports real-time teleprompting and automatically translated captions in Meet.

Revamped Google Chat

Google Chat is undergoing a redesign with Duet AI improvements, including a ChatGPT-style interface, new shortcuts, and improved search. It now allows direct communication with AI, offers document lists, asks questions about Gmail and Drive, and offers missed discussions.

Google is introducing AI-powered chat features, including a home view for finding work messages and huddles for real-time meetings. Chat and Spaces will accommodate up to 500,000 users. Duet AI will improve Gmail’s wise reply feature and work with Typeface and Jasper to create personalized content in Workspace.

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