The new IOS 17 launches new features!

The new IOS 17 launches new features!

Apple’s iOS 17, the latest iteration of its mobile operating system, introduces a host of new security and privacy features poised to bolster user protection and data security. Apple ensures secure and private digital experiences for iOS users against cyber threats. Some of the key features highlighted are:

Security in lockdown mode

This valuable feature ensures that iPhones in Lockdown Mode will automatically prevent connections to non-secure Wi-Fi networks. Such networks could expose the iPhone to network traffic analysis by individuals sharing the same network. Lockdown Mode also enforces the blockage of connections to 2G cellular networks. This measure stops stingrays, which trick phones into connecting to fake cell stations to track locations and access calls/messages.

Anti-web tracking features

Apple continues its mission to safeguard user data and ensure privacy remains paramount in the digital age. By default, the lock on private browsing tabs requires facial or fingerprint authentication to access.

Check-in safety features and resistance toward scammers

iPhone users can use the Check-In feature to inform their friends about their expected arrival time at a destination in a safe manner. This functionality continuously tracks the user’s current location and immediately alerts the friend in case of any unusual activity. Importantly, this location data remains end-to-end encrypted, eliminating the need for third-party applications that previously shared user location data with advertisers and data brokers.

Live Transcription

Furthermore, for those seeking respite from spam or scam calls, there’s a feature called “Live Transcription.” Live Transcription turns speech into text on the screen instead of notifying the caller of an active line.

These new security and privacy features are set to redefine the mobile user experience. By equipping users with enhanced control and transparency, Apple continues its mission to safeguard user data and ensure that privacy remains paramount in the digital age.

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